Data And Descriptive Statistics

The 2013 China Household Finance Survey (CHFS) survey covers 262 counties in 29 provincesacrossChina, including roughly 28,000 households and 98,000 individuals. The survey collected detailed information, including demographics and family background, household income and wealth, assets and liabilities, expenditures, social and commercial insurance, and many other types of firsthand raw data that are not represented on a national scale. All data were collected using face-to-face, computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI).

Availability of insurance enrollment, premium payment, and medical expenses provides information about the relative price of health insurance, as well as the use of medical expenses that are covered by the health insurance. Table 3 reports the medical expenses of females age 40 to 60, while Table 4 shows the medical expenses of males age 50 to 70. About 34% of females and 43%, of males were retired.

Demographic information includes marital status and education level. Marital status is di­vided into two distinct groups: Married and Single (the latter of which includes divorced, widowed, separated, or never married).

Education attainment is classified into either middle-school degree and above, or lower education. On average, over 90% of females and males were married, and slightly less than 90% of females and males had achieved middle-school degrees.